Location hunting

We were back in Scotland for 5 days, hunting for locations for my upcoming short film Skarnen.

This is me somewhere in the midst of Glencoe, on the way to the Isle of Skye.



Very exciting news. Announcing a new project - 'Skarnen'. A short film set in the Dark Ages and filmed in Skye. We have a site up and running for the project and you can follow all the news of its development there. We are ramping up to production so there will be lots of big news to follow. Check it out at www.skarnen.com

Banner I made for the press release of 'Skarnen'.

Banner I made for the press release of 'Skarnen'.

Story in a picture

In this, probably French, film, a couple walk through the streets of Paris, lost in their own thoughts, drowning in introspection, observing the world around them, but unable to communicate to one another. Meanwhile, a moped rider moves through the city delivering pizza, and with each increasingly surreal encounter, questions his purpose.

Ends in a Song & Dance number.

IMG 70321.jpg